PEAK – Young Adult Ministry

Last week, we shared the exciting news of choosing our Patron Saint, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. As I mentioned last week, he has been influential on my own faith journey. I have listed below a mere glimpse of this courageous young man’s attributes:

His adventure. Pier Giorgio was a man of the outdoors. He loved to hike, ski, and climb mountains. He was always leading his friends on escapades up steep cliffs and snowy slopes. Along the way, he’d also be leading them in the rosary. He did not find fidelity to the Gospel to conflict with adventure; rather, it was his faith that fueled his exploration. He understood that God created the world for our enjoyment and stewardship, and he wasn’t going to waste one bit of it.
His detachment. Frassati came from a very wealthy and very prominent family. His father had been the Italian ambassador to Germany for many years, and then ran a popular newspaper. Everyone knew the Frassatis. They were like royalty. However, Pier Giorgio was not attached to his wealth in the least. Once, a poor woman came with her young son to the front door of the Frassati home to beg on a cold winter night. Giorgio answered the door and saw that the boy had no shoes. He knew that his father would soon come to the front door and dismiss the mother and child, so he quickly slipped off his own shoes and gave them to the boy. Frassati was also known to give the allowance he received from his parents for train fares to the poor, and he would walk home. He used what he had to bring Jesus to the suffering, and he never held any back for himself.

Please check out the Youth Corner table at the entrance of the church for more on the life of Blessed Pier Giorgio! Borrow a GREAT book!

Reminder: CaperBase Outreach Services is an organization on George Street which supports youth and young adults at risk. CaperBase workers reach out to those struggling with home life, drugs, abuse etc. I’ve spoken to the coordinator of CaperBase and the biggest needs are as followed: Razors, shampoo, bath towels, nail clippers, shaving cream, body wash and other toiletries.

UPCOMING TRIP – CCO Young Adult Retreat: We have 11 confirmed young adults heading to Camp Geddie in Merigomish, NS! There is still time to sign up! Let me know if you are interested! It is going to be a fantastic weekend! September 22-24. Only $6o for your accommodation, retreat and meals. We have transportation available for the drive up and back.