Single life is just as much a vocation with a divine call as any of the other vocation choices such as marriage, priesthood or religious life. Some people may think of the single life as the “last resort” – the vocation where anyone ends up who doesn’t feel called to be a priest or religious or who can’t find a suitable spouse for marriage. But God calls certain people to the single life. The Church needs people who can dedicate themselves to their work and the spread of the Gospel out in the world.

Single people can do great work for the Church. They have the freedom to proclaim the Gospel in a variety of work. Some singles pick certain professions which require a great amount of time and dedication, such as medicine or teaching. They can choose to give their time to help people around them who are in need. A single person can wholeheartedly dedicate him or herself to carrying the work of the Church in a special way. Some single people choose to work for the church in a paid lay ministry role.
As with the married state, the single life is a vocation which is carried out in the midst of the world. The vocation of single Catholics is to represent Christ wherever they are and whatever they do, whether they are business people, typists, teachers, writers, politicians, doctors, computer programmers, media experts, lawyers, musicians, government workers, truck drivers, or lay missionaries. By the silent witness of a holy life, these single people are lights shining out in the world, pointing out the way to God.

The vocation to the single life is a vocation to generosity. Single women and men usually have more freedom than those in other vocations. They tend to have more time, energy, and sometimes money to give themselves in service of God and others. Single people can become examples of great service and generosity. Often it is single people who do so much to make things happen. The vocation to the single life is a gift to the Church!

With their freedom, a single person has a vast array of possibilities in front of them. We encourage you to explore this diocesan Web site to discover ways in which you can become involved and give your life in generous service!

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